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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Camp

Meet one of our new student correspondents: Dryden!

Dryden is a 9 year old dedicated to his ballet, art and writing. Dryden has been at Pegasus from Kindermusik age (baby) and is a very hard working student of various art forms... and school of course! This summer, Dryden came to the last two weeks of our summer dance camp. Here is his blog post on the experience. Enjoy.

Summer Camp
By Dryden
I thought Pegasus summer camp was absolutely incredible, because I met new friend’s, I loved dancing, and thought art was great! My favourite class was drama, because I really had fun making up our own skit! Lyrical was fun too! We also had Jazz, Music, Modern, Ballet, Choreography, sports games and we went to the park. Friday was the best day of the week because we had pizza lunch and open house. I can’t wait for next year! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

We’ve been busy! Plus… win a pocket camera!

If you are coming back to Pegasus in September you might have noticed the addition of a new studio, the Stage Studio, on our schedule. June was a busy, busy month getting the new space ready for summer camp. At the back of Studio A was a stage that used to host the Pegasus recitals, but the floor was a bit run down and the backstage space was rather small for us, so we moved our recitals to an outside venue a few years back. In the mean time the stage became our costume storage space. We packed it full of racks and bins with over 20 years worth of costumes, props and accessories! It was full! What was also full last year was our schedule… so we moved the costumes to a new home and turned the stage into a shinny new studio! The space feels very new but our summer campers are working it in for us.
But that’s not all we’re doing… Right behind the new studio is a pocket of outside space that has been overgrown bushes for years. We’ve cleared it out and are in the process of turning it into a magical garden for our pre-school program to play, learn and create in! We have grand plans that may not get finished by September but the garden will be started and ready for some outdoor fun… with the finishing touches arriving in due course.
We’re saving the grand reveal for September… that is if you aren’t a summer camper, but we do have one problem that needs some help… we don’t know what to call these two new spaces. For now “Stage Studio” has been the name, but I’m sure with all the creativity at Pegasus we can find something more fun, and our magical, enchanted garden is in dire need of a fantastic title. So we’re holding a contest!!! The winner of the best name for one of the two spaces will win a Samsung Digital Camera so small it fits in your pocket!!! *  
To enter, write your suggestion in our comment section of this blog and make sure to include your name in the body of the comment (these comments will not get posted online). Then we will choose our top three and post them for everyone to vote on!
*Or a gift card for equivalent value

Monday, July 11, 2011

Congrats to our students!

Pegasus Performance Group
To begin our summer blogs we wanted to take one post to say congratulations to our dancers from 2010/2011! We are so proud of all of them for the hard work they put into to each and every dance class. We also are very proud of our dancers who participated in our annual benefit show, Dances of Offering, the RAD ballet exams, all of our recitals and the Pegasus Performance Group. This year the Pegasus Performance Group attended the Kiwanis Festival and yet again came out shinning! The piece “Between Lungs” choreographed by Sheri Kimura won a scholarship in the Lyrical Jazz category!
Pegasus Performance Group

Although we can never thank or acknowledge our fabulous faculty and staff enough for their commitment and talent, this month we want to send out a special thanks to the dancers at Pegasus. It is through the spirit that our students bring to the studio everyday that makes Pegasus the place it is. Thank you for your joy and dedication and congratulations on all that you’ve achieved this year!