Inside a Dance Studio is a blog hosted by Pegasus Studios with the aim of celebrating, discussing and learning about how dance can help support and foster healthy and happy children, adolescents and adults. This blog is inspired by our experiences as teachers and owners of Pegasus Studios, a dance studio primarily dedicated to art and health in children, from the ages of 2-20, give or take a few years!

About Pegasus Studios

Pegasus Dance and Art Centre was founded in 1986, by the mother and daughter team of Lynda Johnson and Jane Davis-Munro. Classes were first held in Ms. Johnson's basement and were primarily, what is now, the renowned Childhood Expressions a Pre-School Arts Program. As the centre grew, and more classes were added, Pegasus eventually needed more space and moved to a store front studio at Greenwood and Queen St. Ms. Davis-Munro taught Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement upstairs and Ms. Johnson taught children and adult Art classes in the basement studio, all the while continuing to build on the repertoire for their Childhood Expressions program. Pegasus soon expanded again and started hiring teachers to expand the Jazz, Tap and Modern dance programs.

Pegasus Studios grew out of Lynda and Jane’s love of the arts and the belief in creating a place where children were free to express their creativity, an environment where children could explore, create and develop their inborn artistic talents. Their vision was to nurture the whole being to be happy and passionate, to be confident and creative and to be a healthy human being.

Pegasus Studios’ outstanding faculty is comprised of highly-trained professionals and dedicated teachers and artists. The faculty is passionate about their art form and committed to their continuing education both here and abroad.
All of our teachers are trained and experienced in teaching techniques that develop the whole child. Through challenging and stimulating classes that are age appropriate, they communicate and exhibit the sense of joy and passion that comes from participating in the arts.

At Pegasus we strive to offer each child and family:
    - a professional atmosphere
    - a place to develop an artistic appreciation for life
    - the best possible training, physically, emotionally and mentally
    - the ability to display enjoyment and a positive self concept from their successful participation in classes
    - the tools to build beneficial relationships that are enhanced through the creative process of learning through the arts
    - the opportunity to explore the elements of dance, music and art techniques to express their ideas and feelings

Our programs rely on a positive and respectful atmosphere for all children, parents, clients and faculty. Our aim is to provide a nurturing environment in small class sizes where each student can participate in the process of developing their physical, artistic and creative potential to the fullest extent.