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Monday, March 28, 2011

Parent Toolbox: Everything you will need on exam day

Although most of this checklist is specifically for the exam candidates and not the parents, we’ve made sure to include a few things you might want to pack along with the list of what your child needs to have on the big day.
In the dance bag:
·         Uniform – everything washed, ironed, polished. New tights (or somewhat new) are good as they will be clean with no chance of runs.
o   Leotard
o   Tights or socks
o   Waistband
o   Ballet slippers
o   Character shoes (Grade 1+)
o   Character skirt (Grade 1+)
·         Hair Kit
o   Elastics
o   Pins
o   Hair net
o   Brush
o   Hair spray
·         Water bottle
·         A snack for after the exam – they take a lot of energy so a granola bar or piece of fruit is really nice for after
For Parents:
·         Camera
·         Coffee and book – once you arrive at the studio and the preparations begin it can be a lot of sitting and waiting

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