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Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Prep for Fall Classes

Haven’t danced all summer? Haven’t used any of those muscles? Does September usually mean more than just going back to dance classes? Sore, tired, achy muscles that seem like they will never go away? Well… you’ve got time to prepare yourself!
September is still a few weeks away, which means this is the perfect time to start doing some exercises and stretching at home to help your body get back into the groove.  Here are some tips for slowly preparing yourself for the fall:
1.     Plies – the first exercise in most Ballet classes for a reason! Plies work all the muscles in the legs, including the muscles you use in dance but not really anywhere else. Do some simple demi-plies and grande-plies in each position and hold your arms in second position to get the arm and back muscles engaged as well.
2.     Stretch! How often we forget to stretch. START SLOW. If you haven’t stretched in a while you will not be as flexible as the last time… that’s the way it should be, so slowly work up to your previous abilities.  Stretching should always be done when the muscles are warm. The best time for this is after you’ve walked home from the subway (or any form of exercise), just had a warm shower or as soon as you wake up (that is unless you like to sleep in a freezer!).
3.     Once you start classes, if you’re muscles are sore, try an Epsom salt bath. It is the tried and true remedy for those achy muscles. 

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