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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Student's Perspective: Ava Phenix-Ng

Today’s blog post is a special one. Ava Phenix-Ng, one of the dancers in the Pegasus Performance Group, has shared with us her perspective of the rehearsal process and performing with the PPG. Just one more way that events like Dances of Offering really do make a difference! Take it away Ava!


Ava Phenix-Ng

Hi! I’m Ava. I’m 11 years old, and in Grade 6 at school. I started dancing in Jane’s Music and Movement class when I was 3, and am currently in my ninth year at Pegasus. I take ballet, jazz, and tap in addition to dancing with the performance group. Dance has been very important and special to me ever since I started dancing at Pegasus.

This is my second year in the Pegasus Performance Group. I decided to audition for the group because I felt that it would give me a lot of opportunities that I otherwise never would have. I’m glad I made that decision because I love being in the performance group and I’ve learned so much!

For the 2012 Dances of Offering benefit show, I will be performing in Bonnie Gaztambide’s original piece, “Surge”. I’ve loved working with Bonnie and I’m honoured to be able to work with such a fantastic choreographer. My favourite part of the rehearsal process has been being able to work with so many people (there are 21 of us!), and being able to add our ideas to the choreography. I’ve enjoyed how Bonnie gave us the storyline and let us help her develop the piece. My favourite thing about performing is being able to share my passion for dance with an audience. I love dance so much that sharing with people gives me a wonderful feeling inside.

I think the charity chosen for this year is a great charity to support for so many reasons. The main reason is that the new TEGH Paediatric Ambulatory Clinic will help so many children in our community.

Performing in the benefit show has given me such a wonderful opportunity as a dancer. By being in the benefit show, I have been able to participate in a professional show, which has taught me how things work in the performing arts world. It has also taught me about thinking of others before myself. I find it very special that I can do what I love, while helping people by supporting different charities each year.


Thank you so much Ava for sharing with us! If you would like to see Ava and the rest of the Pegasus Performance Group perform in Dances of Offering, buy your tickets here:

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