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Thursday, November 25, 2010

We're Back! And New!

It has been a very long time since we posted on here. Well, we’ve been busy!
This spring we began the process of renovating Pegasus in several ways. If you are coming to class each week or have passed by us, I’m sure you noticed our new look! One of our alumni, Andrea de Keijzer, is the photographer of that stunning picture that is hanging in our window. We love Andrea’s work and choose this picture for our front window because it captures the joy of dancing that we are always trying to pass on to our students.
But that’s not all we’ve been doing… This spring was also the beginning of a huge project to renovate our costume reservoir! That’s right, a reservoir! We have been renting recital costumes for all of our 24 years and it was about time to ditch the old and revitalize the new. And, it was time to find more space for all these costumes, so we went up! Our costume storage got lots of brand new double racks, so now we can hang twice the amount of costumes!
But why was that stopping us from blogging? Because we also started renovating our website! This was the biggest renovations this summer, and they are still going on! Our website is not just getting revamped, it’s getting in shape! All summer we were busy working away on design and content and this fall we’ve been putting all that into place. The website will have lots of information, in fact, all the information you will need, whether you are new to Pegasus, been with us for a few years, or are just investigating potential dance schools for the future. As we move more and more into this digital age, we want our website to have all the information our front desk staff would give you, while still conveying our welcoming atmosphere.
And guess what also got a reno? You guessed it, this blog! We re-designed our blog to have a similar feel to our website, as well as getting a new name! So consider this a sneak peek for what’s coming!
We hope you have had a smooth transition from the summer vacation back into the school year! And now, that you have a smooth transition into the winter vacation. Stay warm!
Remember, look for our website, it’s on its way! 

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