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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coming Up in January

This month we will have four blog posts for you. We are kicking off the new year with four areas we want to address each month; things that inspire us, a spotlight on a certain artist, company or event, a health smart section and lastly a little thing we like to call the parent toolbox which will have lots of information on aspects of being a parent in a dance studio.

This month look for:
The search for inspiration under 18 years old
Spotlight on the Erik Bruhn Prize
Injury Prevention Techniques
Parent Toolbox on Pointe shoes



the staff at SRCPC said...

The new boot trays and shelves in the front hall are excellent! I find the carpets are still very wet :(
I am so happy that my family's footwear can be found easily after classes!

Pegasus Studios said...

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully as more and more people use those trays the carpets will become dry again! We will try to brainstorm some ideas to keep those carpets a bit less sloppy in the meantime.