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Monday, February 21, 2011

Health Smart! Heart Health!

Keeping your heart healthy is not only about eating right. Regular exercise that has a variety of qualities to it can be extremely beneficial in preventing illness or failure of the heart. This may seem like a topic for a fitness blog, or even for a blog dedicated to a more senior reader… but, old or young keeping the heart healthy is crucial and dance is just the way to do it. Doctors are advocating, not just physical activity, but dance as a good form of exercise to promote a healthy heart. Exercise increases the functioning of the heart and the healthy flow of blood and the great thing about dance is that it includes a variety of types of exercise. Unlike running on the treadmill, dance allows for various tempos and rhythms of movement, it includes cardio work as well as muscle resistance training and on top of that you always get a great stretch! But, most of all, dance provides that added something for the health of the heart – joy! Some good music, friends and fun! What more can a heart ask for? 

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