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Monday, February 14, 2011

Spotlight on the Dances of Offering guest artists

Each year for the benefit show, Dances of Offering, we invite guest artists to perform and/or choreograph pieces on our students. This year is very exciting as we have everything from Flamenco to Hip Hop! Below is a list of the artists that are volunteering their time to this wonderful cause. I’ve posted a link to their website or some brief info so you can have a better sense of what to expect from our show.  
Confirmed Guests

1.  COBA  (youth ensemble)  (

2.  Carmen Romero Flamenco Co   (                          

3.  Apolonia Velasquez          (

4.  Meagan O¹Shea     ( or

5.  Puja Amin Sanskriti                                     

6.  Jessica Houghton  - Jessica is a Pegasus alumni who went on to study dance at York University. She has been developing her choreography talents over the past few years and we are glad that she is back again this year with another stunning contemporary piece!

7.  City Dance Corps Salsa - Estelle and Cornell (

8.  City Dance Corps Youth ensemble ­–Hip Hop Shavar

9.Melissa Nascimento-So – Melissa is not only a renowned performer of various dance styles but she is also a Pegasus teacher! Melissa has been doing amazing work with her organization, Women in Dance, who showcase female choreographers and performers. Women in Dance takes great pride in the work they do to give back to their community. (

10.Georgia Leung – Georgia, one of our fabulous Ballet teachers, is a classically trained performer in Chinese dance and her performances are always a stunning spectacle. We are excited to have her back again this year with another beautiful performance.

  So… there you have it! Another year of great guests to the Pegasus family! We hope that you will have the chance to come see the show. For more information check out our website,  

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